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Program of the 15. BPW European Conference Zurich16
Sept. 30 2016 - Oct. 2 2016 - University of Zurich - adress and map here

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Judith Crowe

I've been a member of BPW UK for over 40 years, joining in my early 20's, and so "young" that if yBPW had existed then, I would have been eligible to join. It didn't, so I joined the parent organisation and have never regretted doing so. I qualified as an information scientist (aka as a librarian or documentaliste but somewhat more specialised), and spent my working life in special libraries, managing everything from archives to computer systems, plus providing an information service in between all this, but in so doing I also improved the supply of information to those who needed it, as well as enjoying finding the information and sharing it with others. I always say, I may not know the answer, but I know where to find it! It is entirely impossible in this short space to cover the whole role and importance of information in modern society, but it is an important facet of how we operate and communicate in the 21st century. I moved to live in France when I retired, and am now jointly a BPW UK and BPW France member, but though I can speak French and understand it reasonably well, I still hesitate to say I am bi-langue.. I stay in BPW because it is the only organisation which understands the needs of ALL working women, no matter what their age, or profession or level in it, and because even now I want to ensure that future generations continue to build on those opportunities which our mothers created for us. And I also stay because I find like-minded women in BPW, who think like I do, and appreciate what women can and do give to world as a whole.
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